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Upcoming Projects

Some things we're dreaming up in the community

Black History Month 2024

The national theme for BHM 2024 is "African Americans and the Art". In honor of this theme, Griots Arts will be hosting a Black arts film series in Rochester, MN. We will also host artist gatherings for local Black artists throughout the month of February 2024. 

Resource Hub 

Griot Arts is building  an online directory of Southeast Minnesota Black artists and creatives. We'll work with partners to host info-sessions and workshops for BIPOC artists seeking grants and other opportunities

Gatherings + Community Building 

Griot Arts is all about building community. We will host virtual and in-person gatherings for Black artists and creatives to provide opportunities for community building and foster continued understanding of needs, hopes, and desires for arts and cultural spaces in our city. We'll also be hosting drop-in, pop-up spaces for Black artists and creatives to gather to co-work, create or just be.

Workshops & Arts Education 

We will be hosting community workshops led by Black artists and creatives. Our workshops will work to engage adult & youth audiences across all backgrounds.

Performances & Exhibitions 

Partner with artists to host group art exhibitions and/or performances (theatre, music, dance, spoken word, open mics, etc.)

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